Step Inside Our Production Process

There’s so much that goes into the making of Meadowlake farm products.  From start to finish we do everything ourselves.  From cultivating then extracting, to formulating and testing to hand batching.  Here’s  a peek at part of the process.

160  It all starts with our unprocessed raw honey.

162  Lot’s of it!  All of formulas are honey based.


With the exception of our toners, everything contains raw beeswax and our botanical extracts.


150Here’s a batch of our Hive Isolates Complex on the mixing table.  We’re adding our outstanding essential oil blend.

168  Everything is Everything must be hand poured, once the units cool we label them and seal the containers.

173This is our shipping and receiving area.  This order is headed for Taiwan.


Meet John, our favorite Dayton Freight driver preparing a palate of products to take to Chicago which will then be shipped by air overseas.

Here’s the post office a lot of our products make a stop at before finding their way to your skin.  I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, it’s even quainter in person, that’s why I had to share it!


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