Why Petroleum Based Products Don’t Belong in Skincare


How did petroleum products end up in skincare? Petrolatum Jelly, Mineral Oil, Liquid Paraffin, and Paraffin Oil are all byproducts of the oil refining process. As the oil industry grew they became a staple in cosmetics replacing natural plant based oils because they were cheap. They have the ability to provide a strong protective barrier to the skin and to hold in moisture and nothing more.

These properties are perhaps acceptable for products designed for short term use (i.e. hand cleaners), but long term use presents a multitude of concerns.  For starters they do not allow the skin to breath leading to blocked pores and the increase of residual bacteria.  Regular use of products containing them carries the risk of collagen breakdown and a low nutrient environment because they do not allow the skin to absorb nutrients and moisture as designed.  This in turn slows cell renewal, which will ultimately lead to dull skin, wrinkles, blemishes and environmentally susceptible skin.


When shopping for skin care, be sure to avoid petroleum products and their derivatives in any products you are using routinely, particularly face and body care products.  Turn instead to products that contain nutrient rich, natural oils and butters so that you will enjoy a lifetime of beautiful, healthy, well supported skin.



Natural Restorative Facial Cream

The process of aging is insidious. Initially, I noticed a darkening around my jawline. During postpartum, this affected skin took on a leather-like, speckled appearance. Make-up made the changes more noticeable. Sun exposure worsened the dark areas and the skin tone differed greatly from my overall complexion.

I made up a solution of tinctures including ginger, red clover, red raspberry leaf and ladies’ mantle. Twice daily I swabbed my facial discolorations with this mix. After a month I noticed improved texture and fading of the dark areas. My friends and family confirmed my suspicions that my homemade remedy was effective.

Time passed. I used sunscreen and shaded my face with a hat. Regardless, age spots began to scatter over my arms, legs and neckline. Daily, I applied the tincture mix to these areas. The dark spots began to fade. I read that frankincense has skin renewing properties and formulate a honey-based facial lotion including all the ingredients. Hence, FLAWLESS, age correction facial cream was created.

I am in my sixth decade and can confidently say, I feel good about my complexion, my wrinkles are fine not deep, and my skin tone firm. The color and texture of my facial skin is consistent. How one ages is determined, to a great degree by our genes, and dependent on daily care and environmental exposures. Customer feedback regarding FLAWLESS is positive. I feel validated by customer experience as it imitates my personal observations using the cream. The collective experience isn’t extracted from a research study and yet, the effectiveness can’t be denied.  This is more than good enough for me! Give it a try, your skin will thank you.